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Orange Fashion Village

Headquartered in Toronto, Orange Fashion Village has been a leader in elegant, innovative, and original women’s fashion apparel for thirty years. When we started in 1989, we were a small company offering stunning and unique Indian cotton fashion options. Our ability to see the trends before they arrived allowed us to grow and evolve with the fashion world and to expand into the successful business we are today.

In 1998, we introduced our knitwear line and shot to the forefront of women’s fashion with super soft luxurious fabrics in one size fits most styles. As we worked with the knit fabrics, we designed numerous original styles and constantly grew our line. Starting with sweaters and cardigans, we came up with a fascinating multi-wear sweater that took our customer base by storm. We continued to branch out into new products to create a more complete shopping experience.

In 2010, we introduced our boutique brand “Orange” and we haven’t slowed down since. Our famous knits came in new styles and brighter colours and customers loved it. The line included prints, knits, multi-wear options, and the elegant flowing fashion that people have come to recognize and appreciate; all in the luxurious fabrics and comfortable fit that our customers had come to expect. We continued to add styles to our “Orange” boutique line, keeping things new and interesting for our many loyal customers.

In 2013, our quest to improve our line and keep ahead of the trend lead us to introduce our bamboo line.The benefits of bamboo fabrics made it a perfect choice in the eco-friendly and comfort conscious world that was evolving.  Sourcing the best materials available took some time, but our dedication and patience led us to find a high quality luxurious choice that we could offer at an affordable price. We introduced some of our most beloved styles in our new fabric as well as a constantly growing line of fashion options. Our bamboo line was an instant success, offering an eco-friendly option without sacrificing the beloved soft fabrics we had become known for.

In 2016, it was time for jeans, and we introduced our outstanding line of stretch denim options. As the trends have moved forward, so have our jeans. We started with a few styles and then listened to our customers, making the decision to grow our denim line with the same eye to detail and original looks that our customers know and love.

In 2017, we introduced our “Almost Naked” line of bamboo intimates. Bamboo is an ideal fabric for wearing against the skin as it is incredibly soft, breathes, moisture wicks, and insulates very well. Our line of bras, camis, underwear, and sleepwear became popular with our customers very quickly as we continued to grow the line with new, exciting, and innovative designs.

Today, we are a successful and diverse company with sales offices spanning North America. We, at Orange Fashion Village, are committed to bringing the best fabrics in hundreds of original styles combined with a customer service experience that cannot be beat. When all is said and done, we are here to help you achieve the unique look that lives in your heart.

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